JCKBSE2018 | Topics
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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Architectures for knowledge-based shells
  • Architecture of knowledge-based systems, including intelligent agents and softbots
  • Development processes for knowledge-based applications
  • Internet-based interactive applications
  • Software tools assisting the development
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Empirical /evaluation studies for knowledge-based applications
  • Intelligent user interfaces and human-machine interaction
  • Development of user models
  • Development of multi-modal interfaces
  • Software life cycle of intelligent interactive systems
  • Knowledge technologies for semantic web
  • Ontologies and patterns in UML modeling
  • Knowledge technologies for web services
  • Knowledge-based requirements engineering, domain analysis and modeling
  • Knowledge engineering for process management and project management
  • Methodology and tools for knowledge discovery and data mining
  • Automating software design and synthesis
  • Knowledge-based methods and tools for testing, verification and validation, maintenance and evolution
  • Decision support methods for software engineering
  • Knowledge management for business processes, workflows and enterprise modeling
  • Program understanding, programming knowledge, modeling programs and programmers
  • Knowledge-based methods and tools for software engineering education
  • Software engineering methods for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Knowledge-based methods for software metrics